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Why ClearPro Residential Window Cleaning?

Clear Pro Window Cleaning Team
Clear Pro Window Cleaning Team
Clear Pro Window Cleaning Team
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Clear Pro Window Cleaning Team
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We are staffed with Clearly Exceptional People

  • Professional, friendly, courteous and respectful staff
  • Honesty, Integrity and Respect are core organizational values
  • Detailed background checks on all employees
  • Subcontractors are never used Link to blog.
  • All employees are insured and bonded
  • Ongoing training for safety, advanced window cleaning skills and customer service
  • Amazing employee work ethic
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Our professional affiliations
  • Industry best safety record

We provide our customers a 5 Star Window Cleaning Experience

5 Star Customer Service

  • Strive to continually understand and to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations in order to create unique cleaning services
  • Completely Insured for your peace of mind
  • Thousands of happy customers - some as far back as 1994
  • Schedule appointments via phone, online, text, email or faxing,
  • Office staff is always available.
  • Trucks and crews to facilitate flexible scheduling.
  • Free Appointment Reminders
  • Quality Assurance Follow up Calls
  • Great “Value for the Buck” Pricing
  • Free 7 day rain guarantee
  • Free window inspection for leaks, cracks and stains
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee……..period

We are the Gold Standard of Residential Window Cleaning 

  • Extensive knowledge base gained from 20 plus years of cleaning over a million panes of glass
  • Professional tools of the trade including specialty window cleaning ladders
  • Exclusive 11 step cleaning process
  • Proprietary ECO friendly cleaning methods. We take our time and keep our “nose to glass”.
  • Glass is perfectly cleaned, exposed and non-exposed tracks are brushed and vacuumed
  • Proprietary screen cleaning method Link to screen cleaning page
  • Frames and sills are wiped. No drips or runs on the inside.
  • Shoe covers worn in your home
  • Work cautiously and carefully around customer property and possessions
  • Use two hands to move household items and knick knacks
  • Everything is put back exactly as we have found it. Nothing broken or damaged

Our Exclusive 11 Step Process Includes:

  1. Call Ahead. Your technicians will call ahead to let you know their anticipated arrival time.  Your uniformed and experienced technician will arrive in a clearly marked and professionally wrapped ClearPro owned vehicle.
  1. Meet and Greet. Upon arrival, your technicians will introduce themselves; review with you the services scheduled; briefly review other services in which you may have interest; and identify any special concerns or needs you might have.  Your technicians will communicate with you as your job progresses and involve you in any issues that arise during the course of their work.
  1. Pre Clean. Your technicians will walk your property to prepare a site safety plan that identifies the cleaning methodology, tools, ladders and other equipment necessary to safely and proficiently perform your service.
  1. Tracks and Frames. Exposed and non-exposed tracks are brushed and vacuumed.  Window frames are wiped down and cobwebs removed from the frames.  Deep cleaning options are available for window tracks.
  1. Screen Cleaning. Screens will be carefully removed and brushed on both sides. Our premium screen service includes thoroughly washing the screens with our proprietary enzyme solution, rinsing with water and allowing to air dry. A special screen removal tool is used to minimize damage to screens.
  1. Interior Cleaning. Our proprietary, tint and ECO friendly window cleaning solution is mixed.  Your technician will wear shoe covers while inside your home.  A T-bar scrubber and squeegee are used to clean your glass.  Special attention is given to wipe up any drips.  Two hands are used to remove household items and knick knacks.  Everything is returned to exactly as it was found.  All windows are locked.
  1. Exterior Cleaning. Our proprietary, tint and ECO friendly window cleaning solution is applied to the windows with a t-bar scrubber and squeegee.  Other tools of the trade are used as necessary.  Special attention is given to removing the buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants.  Lint free surgical towels are used to detail each window.
  1. Courtesy Inspection. Technicians will examine each window looking for evidence of hard water damage, cracked glass, or dual pane leaks. Potential problems will be reported to you.
  1. Quality Check. All jobs will be completed meeting ClearPro’s quality standards.  Our glass will be perfectly clean, exposed and non-exposed tracks are brushed and vacuumed, our frames and sills wiped.  No drips on inside floors and walls.  Everything is put back exactly as we found it.  Nothing is broken or damaged.
  1. Wrap-up Meeting. Your technicians will review the scope of work performed and summarize any issues identified. They will present you with your invoice and accept payment. They have made every effort to insure that the results of your job are PERFECT. In the rare case where you find something after we leave that slipped through our multi-step ClearPro Quality Assurance Procedures, call us immediately. We will gladly return and resolve the issue to YOUR SATISFACTION.
  2. Follow Up Call. The day after your service, a ClearPro Customer Care Specialist will contact you to insure your complete satisfaction.

Sparkle Plus Annual Maintenance Program

The ClearPro Sparkle Plus Annual Maintenance Program is a scheduled maintenance program designed for the discerning home owner who enjoys being constantly surrounded by sparkling clean windows. Our Sparkle Plus Program has four cleanings per year with the last exterior window cleaning service for FREE.  This program discounts your services by 21% off our standard pricing.

VIP View Window Maintenance Program

A basic window cleaning service in which ClearPro stops by monthly to clean only the view windows you and your family look out of every day. You decide which ones are included.  You don’t have to be home for the service.

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed...Period

Earning your continued trust and confidence in our workmanship and service is the most important task we undertake each and every day. All of us at ClearPro Window Cleaning understand that your complete satisfaction is the key to our on-going success.