How to Choose a Window Cleaner

The selection process to choose a new window cleaner requires the same due diligence that one would use to retain the services of a doctor, attorney, CPA, or other professional. Reputable professional window cleaning businesses share a similar list of positive attributes. These professional window cleaning businesses constantly attract new customers to their growing customer base because they offer a compelling Value Proposition that provides outstanding quality and extraordinary service at a price that represents a great value.

Use this Simple Window Cleaner Evaluation Checklist to help you objectively evaluate different window cleaning companies, narrow down the field, and ultimately choose the best company for you and your needs.

Customer Focused – Truly cares about the needs of you their customer. Pleasing you is their top priority! Their business is built upon referrals & repeat customers. Customer references are always available.

Technically Competent – Has years of experience in the field. They employ journeyman skill level window cleaning technicians who have extensive experience in all facets of the window cleaning trade.

Fully Insured – Carries appropriate levels insurance including Worker's Comp, General Liability, Care, Custody, and Control Rider, Voluntary Property Damage Rider, and Commercial Vehicle.

Regulatory Compliant – Fully comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations. Job related safety is of the utmost importance.

Professionalism – Are members in good standing of industry trade associations. Are actively involved in the local community. They go to great lengths to hire and retain employees who are hardworking, reliable, honest, clean-cut, and uniformed.

Punctual – Strives to be punctual - If they are running off- schedule, they take a moment to let you know.

Available – Has customer service representatives available to assist you when you call. Text, Fax and e-mail options are also available should you prefer.

Careful – Treats your home and belongings like their own. They are very careful to return everything to its original place. Shoe cover booties are worn to protect floor coverings.

Flexible – They complete their work without disrupting your schedule or inconveniencing you.

Value Priced – They offer their customers outstanding quality and service at a price that represents a great value.