Hard Water Staining

What is Hard Water Staining...and...Why Should I Care?

Hard water is simply water that contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The higher the percentage of dissolved minerals in a given volume of water, the "harder" the water will be. Water hardness in our local Arizona water supply is significant and can cause a Metro Phoenix Area homeowner serious problems.

Hardwater Deposits

The dissolved minerals in hard water prevent soaps and detergents from foaming up thereby reducing their ability to clean. Hard water left untreated on glass surfaces will quickly form "hard water scale" deposits that grow larger, thicker, and more difficult to remove over time. Homeowners can avoid two potentially serious mistakes when caring for their glass surfaces.

Never rinse off glass with tap water without towel drying the glass.
Fix or move landscape irrigation systems to prevent them from repeatedly hitting any glass.

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