General Business Philosophies

Q. What type of guarantee to you offer?

A. Earning your continued trust and confidence in our workmanship and service is the most important task we undertake each and every day. All of us at ClearPro Window Cleaning understand that your complete satisfaction is the key to our on-going success. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed...Period.

Q. What is so special about ClearPro Technicians?

A. We carefully recruit new apprentice window cleaning technicians who exhibit personal integrity, a solid work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, a service mind-set and a friendly, outgoing personality. We then provide full training and an in-depth trade orientation. New apprentices work side by side with ClearPro's owners as well as our field supervisor to insure they learn to clean to ClearPro standards. Technicians who have worked for other window cleaning businesses are rarely hired. Past experience has taught us that this type of individual almost always comes to work with bad habits and/or work practices that prevent them from meeting our demanding ClearPro standards.

Q. Are there any current trends or issues in the window cleaning trade about which builders and building owners should be knowledgeable?

A. A window manufacturing quality issue regarding the potential presence of microscopic fabricating debris on the surface of heat strengthened and tempered glass is a potentially huge deal for both builders and building owners. The presence of fabrication debris creates window cleaning issues that exist for the useful life of the glass. Contact us and we will gladly provide you a comprehensive information packet explaining in plain English what you need to know.

Licenses, Insurance, and Bonding

Q. Many window cleaners advertise on business cards, web sites, and other promotional materials that they are licensed. Is this an important consideration when choosing a window cleaner?

A. The honest answer is NOT REALLY. Don't be misled into thinking that the Arizona Registrar of Contractors issues licenses to window cleaners based upon the passing of proficiency tests as it does for electricians, plumbers, and other contractors. The Arizona ROC does not issue licenses for window cleaning nor does the ROC in 48 other states.

The license these window cleaners are referring to is a general business license required by some local municipalities. Again, these licenses have nothing to do with proficiency, skill, quality, or business ethics. The City of Scottsdale requires us to purchase a Business, Occupation, and Professional License https://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/licenses/boplicense.asp for the cost of $12.00 per year in order to conduct business. The City of Phoenix, as an example, has no licensing requirement for window cleaning or similar trades.

Q. Why is requiring my window cleaner or any other service provider doing work on my property to provide proof of current insurance coverages so important?

A. Quite simply, in today's litigious American culture you can't take the risk of doing business with anyone who is not properly insured. You should always verify that service providers working on your property have worker's compensation and general liability insurance policies with appropriate limits ...and that the policies are currently in force. Make sure your service provider has a Care, Custody, and Control rider if he/she will be handling any of your personal possessions that could be damaged or broken. A Voluntary Property Damage Rider is required to cover any glass inadvertently damaged during the cleaning process. Insist on seeing the insurance certificates or better yet call the service provider's insurance agents to verify coverage.

Q. Doesn't my home owner's policy adequately protect me should a service provider get injured or injure someone else on my property?

A. NO! A typical home owner's policy has a $1,000 cap on medical coverage. $1,000 doesn't go too far these days. We know of an uninsured window cleaner who recently fell off a ladder suffering a compound fracture of his leg and incurring $75,000 of medical expenses. Arizona law permits that injured party to sue you and your insurance carrier for the $74,000 difference. Typically, your insurance company will end up paying this type of claim and then cancelling your policy. Ask your insurance agent for more details.

Q. Can't I just ask a prospective service provider if he/she is insured and whether the policies are currently in force?

A. NO! We'd like to believe everyone is honest, but this just isn't the case. We regularly run across other window cleaning businesses, especially those new to the trade and sole proprietors, who claim to be insured but simply are not covered. Perhaps they had insurance at one time but dropped coverage because it is so expensive. Sometimes, they never have never had coverage at all but have been dishonest in order to gain new business. The absolutely worst time to discover that a service provider doesn't have the insurance he/she claimed is after your property has been damaged or you have had a claim filed against your homeowner's insurance policy for an injury someone suffered on your property.

Q. Is bonding an important consideration in choosing a window cleaner?

A. The three types of bonds include surety bonds, performance bonds, and bonded labor. Unless a commercial contract is involved, window cleaners are almost always referring to surety bonds. This type of bond indemnifies the window cleaning business against any loss of money or other property for which the business incurs liability to any customer through any fraudulent or dishonest act(s) committed by an employee(s) in an amount not to exceed the policy limit. Surety bonds are inexpensive and very common in the trade. An important question to ask is whether owners and their partners are covered or excluded. Most policies exclude owners and their partners. Bottom Line - Do business with reputable business owners who employee technicians with impeccable character; and who stand 100% behind the workmanship and service of their staff.

Free On-Site Quotations

Q. Does someone need to be at my property when you prepare your free quotation?

A. No one needs to be present when we do our quotation as long as you have clearly communicated any special requests and needs to our customer satisfaction team AND we have complete access to the exterior of your property. Should you decide to add mirrors, interior glass, or other extras on the day of service, just let the technician know so the work can be done and the final price adjusted.

If at all possible, however, we would prefer to choose a time when you could be available. We would welcome the opportunity for you to meet our representative so that you can get some sense of the high caliber of people we employ and the quality of workmanship and service we provide.

Q. How do you prepare a quotation? Can I get an estimate over the phone? Some of your competitors do.

A. We do not give phone quotes. Preparing an accurate quote for your window cleaning service involves assessing many variables including: the number and square footage of the glass surfaces to be cleaning; the ease of accessing each glass surface (ladder work can be labor intensive); the number, size, and mounting method of solar (sun) screens; the presence of hard water staining and / or paint overspray: and the pricing of desired extras such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, and mirrors. This process allows us to determine how long it would take to complete the job, and what we need to charge.

It has been our experience that window cleaners who provide telephone quotes rely on you to count windows for them or to tell them how many square feet your home is. Since the pricing variables listed above vary tremendously from one house of the same size to another, these folks have to simply guess at how much to charge you. If they guessed too high, they will rarely reduce their price when the job is done...and you will have paid too much. If they guess too low, many times they will take short cuts with your job so that they can complete it in the time they have allowed. Either way, you don't get the best possible job at the best possible price.


Q. My last window cleaner was cheaper. Will you match his price?

A. We generally do not match competitors' prices. We have seen many of our "Low Priced" competitors come and go since 1994. A wise trade veteran puts it this way. "A window cleaner can offer his customer only 2 of the 3 value propositions of - Lowest Price, Highest Quality, and Best Service - at the same time. The customer can never have all 3 at once." If the customer wants the Lowest Price, he / she will have to give up either Highest Quality or Best Service. To be the "cheapest" window cleaner in our service area, corners MUST be cut somewhere. "Low Priced" window cleaners are typically not covered by workman's compensation insurance and do not carry general liability insurance. Those "Lowest Priced" competitors who do employ others cannot afford to hire or retain the best journeyman window cleaners. Many don't pay payroll taxes and under report self-employment income. Lowest Price window cleaners simply cannot match our professionalism, quality, training, experience, and business ethics.

Our customers tell us that we are neither the cheapest in town nor the most expensive, but that we definitely offer the best overall value proposition given our exceptional workmanship, quality, and WOW service. We are confident, as witnessed by the compound annual growth of our residential window cleaning customer base, that our customers believe we are the best at what we do. Moreover, we have the financial stability and journeyman technician retention to continue servicing our customers in the manner they have become accustomed for a many years time to come.

Q. Do you have a minimum residential service charge?

A. Yes. Our minimum residential service charge is $85.00.

Q. Is window cleaning expensive?

A. Not at all. Taking into consideration all of the factors included in our quotation process, an in & out residential window cleaning service including any desired extra services starts at just $85.00 and can go to over $800.00 for some our largest residential estates. A typical service for a home in the North East Valley ranges from $175.00 - 325.00.

Q. Do you offer discounts for scheduling multiple services in a 12 month period?

A. Yes. Our Sparkle Plus Program can save you money. Sparkle Plus is a window cleaning program that saves you money based upon the frequency of our services. The more you use Sparkle Plus in a 12 month period, the more you can save per cleaning. We will customize your Sparkle Plus Program to meet your individual needs.

Rain Related Issues

Q. Doesn't rain make my windows dirty?

A. Rain does not make your windows dirty, dirt does. Rain water, which is pure with no suspended minerals or metals, does not "spot" clean windows. Water spotting on windows is usually the result of pure rain water coming into contact with dust and dirt already laying on screens and windows. This dirt comes from landscapers, the desert, tree pollen, and many other sources. Rain drops shape the dirt and dust into various patterns you see on your windows. After the rain water evaporates, these dirty spot patterns remain on the glass. This muddy residue is now very visible. A lot of dust in the air such as during a summer monsoon dust / rain storm can also cause water spotting.

Q. What if the forecast predicts significant rainfall for the day of my appointment?

A. Our customer satisfaction representative will call notifying you that the latest weather forecast is calling for a significant chance of rain on the day of your appointment. Our representative will review options with you so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

What do you do in case of inclement weather such as rain or heavy winds while you are on site?

A. In the event there is rain or windy weather that would prevent us from doing a professional job in a safe environment, we will stop work outside and ask to reschedule your outside service. Our technicians will complete your inside service prior to leaving. That way, we won't your disrupt future plans and you won't need to make any special arrangements for us when we return to complete your outside service on another day - usually within a business day or two after good weather returns.

Q. What if Mother Nature's rain spots up my windows after my home is cleaned?

A. We offer a 7 day rain "touch up" guarantee. If Mother Nature should happen to spot your windows within 7 days of our service, simply contact us within 24 hours of the rainfall and we will come back to "touch up" your windows at no additional charge.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Q. What is your appointment cancellation and rescheduling policy?

A. We ask customers to kindly give us notice of at least three (3) business days for cancellations or appointment rescheduling requests. Please understand that we book most of our appointments well in advance so trying to fill an appointment time with short notice is often not possible. This often results in lost revenue for our business and lost earning for our technicians. That said, we understand that last minute emergencies and conflicts occasionally arise. We will always do our best to accommodate customers who notify us no later than 5:00 PM the evening before their scheduled service....and don't abuse the privilege.

Appointment / Day of Service

Q. What if I forget about my appointment?

A. Don't worry. A customer satisfaction representative will give you a reminder phone call the business day before your scheduled service. If you would prefer to receive an e-mail reminder instead or in addition to our phone call, just let us know.

Q. Can you give me an exact time when will your team arrive at my home on the day of my appointment?

A. If you are the first job of the day, our team will make every effort to arrive at or before the scheduled start time. For customers scheduled later in the day, we give a 2 hour arrival window. We have a great deal of experience estimating how long individual jobs will take. However, sometimes a job will take more or less time than expected. When this happens, we will immediately call to notify you that we are running ahead or behind of your two hour arrival window.

Our technicians work hard to insure that the results of each job are PERFECT prior moving on to the next job. You can be confident that when we arrive at your home, we will spend as much time as is necessary to make sure that you say "WOW" when we are done.

Q. How far ahead to I need to make an appointment to have my windows cleaned?

A. We usually are "booking" work 5-7 business days out. Depending upon the time of year, we may be able to schedule you sooner. Let our customer satisfaction staff know if you have a window cleaning emergency and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.

Q. How many technicians will you use to service my home?

A. We have found that two person crews are the ideal size for the homes we typically clean. Let us know if you have any special needs or requirements.

Q. How long will it take to complete my service?

A. This depends upon the size of the job and the number of extras scheduled. Residential jobs are generally completed in 3-4 hours or less. Commercial jobs depend upon the size of the building. We can provide a time estimate at the time of our quote.

Q. Do I need to be home when my home is serviced?

A. We strongly prefer that first time customers be home so that you can get acquainted with our technicians and we can learn about your special needs and requests. After a Sparkle Plus program is established and you have become an established customer, we can service your account with or without you being present. Just let us know how you would like us to access your property and how to lock up once our service is completed. We arrive at your job completely self sufficient.

Q. Do I need to move anything prior to my window cleaners arriving?

A. For residential service, our thoughts about you moving items prior to our arrival are "always appreciated, not required". That said most customers generally prefer to move their own valuable knick-knacks, antiques, and breakables away from window ledges and furniture adjacent to the windows. We will move any furniture that can safely be moved by our crew as required to service each window. When we leave, everything will be put back where we found it. Your sparkling glass will be the only clue that we've been there. Let our professional window cleaners provide you with an enjoyable experience and an exceptional service.

For commercial service, we ask that a notice be distributed prior to the day of service asking that all items be removed from window sills and clear access to the windows be provided. We will open and close blinds and window coverings, but we will not move desks, file cabinets, and other furniture.

Q. When is payment due?

A. Payment is due upon completion of the job and your approval of the quality of our work.

Cleaning Related Questions

Q. My interior windows have tint film applied. Will your cleaning process damage this expensive product?

A. Our technicians are in homes with tinted interior glass pretty much on a daily basis. We do not use any cleaning products containing ammonia or other cleaning agents that could damage the tint. We do not use razor blades, steel wool or anything abrasive in our cleaning process of your tinted glass. Let your customer service representative know when scheduling your first service that you have tint so that she can place a special service alert in your ClearPro service order.

Q. I have noticed moisture inside one of my windows making it foggy to look through. What's the problem?

A. We will have to inspect the window to be sure, but the most likely cause is a broken seal in the insulated glass unit that has allowed moisture to get inside. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem in Arizona that tends to get progressively worse over time. The only way to properly correct this problem is to replace the defective glass. Hopefully, the window is still under the manufacturer's warranty, but sadly that's usually not the case.

Q. My last window cleaner left a dirty mess on my carpet. How do you protect carpet?

A. We wear protective booties over our shoes so we don't track dirt in from the outside. We place our water bucket on non-carpeted floor whenever possible. We keep a protective towel under the water bucket at all times. We treat your home as if it was our own.

Q. What is the cleaning process you use?

A. We remove and clean sun (solar) screens and bug screens. We brush and vacuum your window and slider tracks. We use t-bar scrubbers to wet the glass, loosen dirt, and suspend it in a biodegradable detergent and water solution. Next, we squeegee the water and suspended dirt from the glass. We use a lint free towel to detail the corners and edges. We use a thick towel to wipe sills clean. Windows are inspected and detailed with 0000 steel wool and other tools of the trade if required. Finally, all screens are reinstalled. You will be pleasantly surprised about how clean your windows will look.

Q. Some window cleaners advertise that the "special" detergents and "high quality" window cleaning equipment they use results in a better quality job than their competitors can deliver. Is this a "big deal" for me...the window cleaning customer?

A. Not really. Window cleaners have their favorite brands of detergents and tools just as car buyers are loyal to Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, or Chrysler. It's much more important for you to retain the services of a professionally trained window cleaner who takes pride in delivering a high quality job.

Q. How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis removes bird strikes, bird droppings, grime, bugs, pollen, desert dirt, finger prints, pet smudges, hard water staining, and other surface contaminates. Sparkling clean windows, doors, interior glass, and mirrors enhance a home's beauty to friends, family, and guests.

We are pleased to offer a flexible cleaning schedule to meet your individual needs. On one extreme, we have a few customers who have an outside window cleaning service monthly and an inside window cleaning service every couple of months. On the other extreme, we have a few customers who schedule every 18-24 months. We recommend that you have your windows cleaned inside and outside a minimum of once a year.

The most popular annual programs we offer are:

  • Outside window cleaning quarterly and inside window cleaning semi-annually
  • Outside and inside window cleaning semi-annually
  • Outside window cleaning semi-annually and inside window cleaning annually

Realizing that window cleaning preferences are highly individual, we will work with you to customize a Sparkle Plus Program that meets your individual cleaning needs and annual budget.

Q. The inside of my windows don't get dirty, do they?

A. The inside of your windows probably won't get as dirty as fast as the outside of your windows, but they most certainly get dirty. Airborne dirt and dust from your HVAC system, human and pet dander, cooking and dishwashing residues, finger prints, pet smudges, etc. all collect on the inside of your windows causing a hazy layer to build over time. Left un-cleaned for a year or longer, you will eventually be able to play Tic-Tack-Toe on your interior glass with your index finger. Customers who have not had their interior windows cleaned in a long time are often amazed to see black, filthy water come off their glass as it begins to SPARKLE again.

Q. What is the worst mistake home owners make in caring for their windows in between professional services?

A. Home owners often make two really serious mistakes. They rinse off the exterior of their windows with tap water from a garden hose without drying the glass with a towel. They allow tap water from a landscape irrigation system to repeatedly hit windows. Both of these scenarios can damage screens and cause hard water deposits to form on the glass. These hard water deposits, if not removed, can become permanent over time.